Hymn of the Divine Attributes (Psalm 99)

Hymn of the Divine Attributes (Psalm 99)

1      Jehovah reigns, enthroned in heaven’s host,

        Let trembling seize the highlands and the coast.

2      In Zion’s streets his greatness is extolled,

        His ancient fame surpassing men of old.

3      That name, sublime in terror to address

        Thrice-holy do the ransomed saints confess.

4      To judge just cause he bears a mighty sword,

        And Jacob’s equity comes from the Lord.

5      Exalt the Lord our God, O Israel,

        And at his bench his holiness foretell.

6      For Moses and his brother sought God’s face,

        And Samuel received his holy grace.

7      Out from the guiding cloud his voice was heard –

        His righteous prophets kept the holy Word.

8      Then, O Jehovah, quick thine answer came,

        Forgiveness mixed with vengeance on the same.

9      In Zion’s hill exalt the Lord our God,

        Extol his holiness with praise and laud.

Question for consideration: How does Psalm 99 affect your view of God? Does its reverential tone strike a chord within you?