Just a few minutes ago, a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door, offering me their free literature. They wanted me to read it and talk with them later. Sure, I said – in fact, I wasn’t certain that they were Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), because the magazine they gave me was titled ‘Awake.’ I didn’t realize that this was the companion to ‘The Watchtower.’ (Heresy alert! They have two magazines!)

A minute after they were gone – having figured out who they were – I began to think back on what just happened. Honestly, I’m experiencing several emotions.

First, I’m feeling unprepared. I wasn’t ready for them to knock on my door. This isn’t the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Since I know that they come by every year, I should have some idea of what I will say to them. Will I give them a Gospel tract? Will I point out their inconsistencies? It isn’t easy to know what to say at the moment, so why didn’t I have something planned out before?

Second, I feel disappointed. Where are the Christians? According to statistics, over 25% of this country claims to be evangelical, while less than 1% of Americans are JWs. Admittedly, many evangelicals aren’t following Christ. But if only one tenth of them were actively evangelizing, then at least three out of four times, it would be an evangelical at my doorstep, rather than a JW. What’s wrong?

Third, I’m ashamed that the JWs are already out spreading their heresy, and I haven’t been out to spread the gospel yet this spring. Why not? I could give some excuses, and maybe they would even sound acceptable, but facts are facts: they are out proselytizing before I am out evangelizing.

I’m reminded of the Puritan and early-morning riser Joseph Alleine. His wife recalled that “All the time of his health he would rise constantly at or before four o’clock, and on the Sabbath sooner. If he awakened he would be much troubled if he heard any smiths, or shoemakers, or such tradesmen, at work at their trades before he was in his duties with God; saying to me after, ‘Oh how this noise shames me! Does not my master deserve more than theirs?”

So the question I’m asking is – doesn’t our Master deserve more than the JW’s master?