Calling All Readers!

Calling All Readers!

Dear reader,

Twice a week, I’ve been sharing my thoughts with you on a wide range of subjects. In fact, I’ve been doing so for nearly a year. It has been a great journey, and now I need your help.

As 2016 comes to close, it is time to not only review the past year, but plan for the present. I’m dedicated to sharing with you the best ideas that I can – careful exposition of the Bible, insights into world events, strategies for evangelism, and much more. I want to do this as effectively as I can. But I can’t do this alone.

If you have benefited from this website, could you do me a favor? Take just a moment to answer a ten-question survey. It will only take a minute, and it will make FromDanielsDesk an even better website. To take the survey, just CLICK HERE.

Thank you so much!