Why is the Second Amendment Important?

Why is the Second Amendment Important?

Earlier this year, Donald Trump found himself in hot water. When he explained that Hillary Clinton might limit gun rights, he added that no one could prevent her, except perhaps for “the Second Amendment people.”

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, you can probably see the problem behind this. What was he trying to say? Was this a veiled threat? It is easy to see that this is not a politically savvy statement to make, but hidden behind the embarrassment of the quotation remains a trace of good philosophy. The second amendment was not meant to preserve your right to go deer hunting. It is a constitutional amendment that preserves a mindset of liberty, checks government tyranny, and saves innocent lives.

The Second Amendment Preserves a Mindset of Liberty

The founders of America were vigilant, responsible, and not about to outsource their lives to the whims of government. When the pilgrims arrived on the shores of Massachusetts, or the Virginia Company settlers founded Jamestown, they were starting a new civilization in a land that was a complete wilderness, at least to them. They had to be completely self-reliant. If they didn’t grow crops, there was nothing to eat. If they didn’t build houses, there was no shelter. If they didn’t protect themselves, no one else would.

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