Four Compelling Reasons to Study History

Four Compelling Reasons to Study History

I’m excited that my newest article is published, for the first time, in The Old Schoolhouse, a magazine for home educators that comes out yearly in print and quarterly online. In this article, I address four reasons why history is beneficial to study – more than just a list of names, dates, and places. You can begin reading the article below, and follow the link at the end to The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

“Every year millions of young people ask the same question: Why should I study history? The monotonous lectures, mind-numbing lists, and stale dates are as appetizing as moldy bread. Parents and teachers respond with generic answers such as ‘well-rounded education’ or ‘better career,’ or they offer the more nebulous ‘never know when you’ll need it’ sort of answer. Obviously, this is less than persuasive.

“Rather than recycling worn-out responses, I’d like to offer four compelling reasons to study history. These four reasons are on a continuum – they are not all equally important. Still, they are concrete and decisive reasons to study history.

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