The Reality of Redemption

The Reality of Redemption

Last week I had the privilege of sharing with you a guest post by my friend Dakota Lynch, titled ‘Blessed for a Purpose.’ (If you haven’t read this thought-provoking article on God’s gifts, be sure to check it out!) In addition to encouraging others to hide God’s Word in their hearts, Dakota writes at The Faith Perspective, where his devotional insights are a blessing to read.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to write a guest post on The Reality of Redemption. Begin reading the article below, and be sure to follow the link to continue reading at The Faith Perspective!

We may not think of it much today, but redemption was a theme that the ancients were familiar with. The Jews were aware of the custom of the kinsman-redeemer, where a relative could buy his brother out of slavery, or ‘redeem’ his brother’s property when that relative deceased.

Yet if redemption was a common theme, slavery was far more commonplace for the Jews who were scattered throughout the Roman Empire. That vast dominion was speckled with thousands of slave-marts  — places where debt-ridden peasants, or prisoners from enemy wars, or the unfortunate children of slave-parents were sold to the highest bidders.

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