Making Sense of Syria

Making Sense of Syria

For some time I have thought about writing on the Syria conflict – a messy and bloody war that is as convoluted as it is heartbreaking. Now, following the Trump administration’s missile attacks, it is only more imperative that we understand this conflict.

Rather than write about it myself, today I want to give you some links and resources so that you can make sense of the conflict. The following links provide a video overview, in-depth detail, and opinions on the large and small scale, as well as a possible approach to American interference. You may not agree with everything that is written, but you will certainly understand the conflict better.

First, if you want to understand the general backdrop to Syria, you will benefit by reading The Mideast Conflict: A Basic Primer. I wrote this overview so that you can get a basic sense of who the main players are, why they are fighting, and what causes the Middle East to be such a turbulent region.

The War in Syria, Explained provides a six-minute video that details the conflict. It is well worth your time, and you will quickly recognize the incredible complexity of the conflict. If you want more details, there is an extended article below the video with more information.

Sometimes you need to get a perspective from the ground. The Biggest Media Lie of Our Time is an interview with a Syrian priest who approves of the Assad regime and believes that the Trump administration should not intervene. While this view is controversial, it is worth some consideration.

Finally, Senator Rand Paul provides what I consider to be an excellent response to the missile attacks in the article Syria, Trump, and Another Unconstitutional Rush to War. I understand that not all my readers will agree with this viewpoint, but again, it is worth some consideration.

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