The Most Popular Posts of 2017

The Most Popular Posts of 2017

It’s easy to forget everything that happens in a year. Today, I want to take a look back at some of the most popular content on From Daniel’s Desk. I can’t do so without saying ‘thank you’ to each of you, my readers, for the encouragement and support over this past year!

Since the site covers a lot of content, I’ve divided that content into six categories. For each category, I list the most popular article in that category, along with one or two other articles that are my personal favorites. See if you’ve missed some of these, or take some time to reviews articles that you enjoyed in the past!

Biblical Studies:

Most PopularWhat does the Bible Say About Suicide? In a world filled with despair, it’s important for Christians to know what the Bible says about suicide. This article takes on the difficult subject by openly and honestly evaluating the Biblical evidence.

Another Favorite – A Bloody Entrance. Christians are engaged in a bloody, life-and-death struggle. This short account of our warfare will challenge to strive for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Another Favorite – Three (Practical) Reasons to Read those (Boring) Genealogies – Why is the Bible filled with so many long lists? As you prepare to read the Bible in 2018, you might benefit from answering this question.

Evangelism and Missions:

Most Popular – Intellectual Superiority in the Christian Life. Sometimes it’s hard to get the right balance. As you share the Gospel, be careful that you demonstrate the same attitude that Christ and His disciples demonstrated when they proclaimed God’s eternal truth.

Another Favorite – Evangelism: Making God’s Name Great. Because ultimately, it’s not about us. It’s about what God is doing, and how He’s creating a people who recognize His great worth.


Most Popular – Two Takeaways from the Las Vegas Massacre. The Las Vegas massacre shocked our nation; hopefully, it made us reconsider the shortness of life and the nature of evil.

Another Favorite – Four Modern Myths about Ancient Eras. Never before has our society been so ignorant of history. These four myths color our understanding of the past, and the sooner we identify and destroy them, the better.

Another FavoriteLessons from Passchendaele. It was one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War, yet pointless. Here are three takeaways from the great military blunder.


Most Popular – The Digital Revolution: Its Advantages and Disadvantages. Just as the industrial revolution reshaped the world, so the digital revolution reshapes our lives. That is why it is important to recognize not only the positives, but also the negatives.

Another FavoriteFive Simple Ideas for Family Worship. If your family worship seems stale, these five ideas will help you enliven it.

Another FavoriteWelcome, Darwin, to your World. Charles Darwin did so much more than write a book. His philosophy has changed our world. Maybe not for the better.


Most Popular – 100 Days: Trump’s Report Card. While this is old, it’s interesting to see how Trump’s presidency started. How do you think his score has changed?

Another FavoriteThe Role of the Government. This article provides a simple, biblical philosophy for government. It’s a great place to begin the discussion about what the government’s role ought to be.


Most Popular – Why You Have to Write Your Vision. Your vision helps you know where you are headed. If you lead anyone – even if it’s just yourself – this is an essential exercise.

Another FavoriteA Different Perspective on Reading. This is short and to the point. It challenges how you think about reading. It’s a great article to send to a friend.

Another Favorite – Blueprint: Biographies as a Model for Life. Five reasons why you have to read biographies. They could change your life!

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