Future Historian Recounts Obama’s America

A historian from the distant future recounts the presidency of Barack Obama:

“So it happened that 233 years after the founding of America, a new president was elected in that land, named Barack Obama. This caused many people to rejoice, since never before had the Americans chosen an African-American as their president. And so he was confirmed in office with great rejoicing and the highest hopes.

In those days, the American people were divided into two great camps or parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. Obama was a democrat, and in his policies, he followed the principles of that powerful party.


The American people, famous for their wealth and prosperity, were always anxious for their economy. The new president at first seemed interested in their welfare, for he gave money generously to every project from the public treasury.White House

In those days he increased the public debt to a level unimagined by the ancients, since (to the great distress of future generations) he raised the debt by more than 7.4 trillion dollars. So it happened that almost half of the debt of the nation accumulated under his presidency.[1]


Obama next decided to subsidize – from this already exhausted fund – healthcare for every American. This measure was bitterly debated by the representatives and senators, but the law was finally passed, and on every side there were shouts of rejoicing.

This law (which was known by the people as Obamacare) was eventually brought to the highest court of the nation, but the judge of that court dismissed the objections, saying that, “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”[2]

Then the Americans began to taste the bitter effects of the new law, for while the lowest classes were given free healthcare without responsibility, the middle classes found that their own costs only increased year by year.

Foreign Troubles

And so, as the foundations of the economy were slowly destroyed, the spectacle of well-being was preserved. Within the nation, all seemed well for a time. But beyond the borders of that vast country there was turmoil and trouble.

On the far side of the world, the nation of North Korea now determined to test its strength, and it began to manufacture a frightful kind of bomb. These bombs were called nuclear (which, I am informed, were so powerful that they could wipe out entire cities – though fortunately, history has not preserved the knowledge of their creation).

This nation of North Korea was the bitter foe of the Americans, and it determined, by every possible means, to mount these powerful bombs on rockets, which they hoped would deliver the bombs to the country of the Americans.

Mideast CrisisFor some time, the Americans had been fighting a bloody and extended war in the Middle East. Now a new group came to power, which called themselves the Islamic State, or ISIS. These warriors were unlike anything that the world had seen before, for they readily accepted death, and did not hesitate to kill themselves, if they could kill others. This nation was truly barbaric, and time does not permit me to record their atrocities (crimes so bloody, that it would make the reader blush to hear them).

The warriors of ISIS did not limit themselves to committing carnage and bloodshed in the Middle East, but determined to spread their horrors throughout the world. And so, in nation after nation, they blew up buildings, shot innocent civilians in broad daylight, captured hostages and tortured them, and in every way committed the vilest actions.

Gun Control

But now the president began to follow a more puzzling course. Despite the great turmoil in the world, he tried to disarm the law-abiding citizens of the nation, constantly urging that their weapons (their defense against the terrorists) be confiscated. The most astonishing thing is that he began to sell these weapons to the criminals and gangs that lived on the southern border of the country, who used the weapons to create further violence and murder.[3]


Now – I admit – I cannot explain this man’s actions, for next he seemed to destroy the very foundations of his country. As if he desired more instability, he overthrew the customs and morals of the people – not only by permitting new and strange ways,[4] but also by forcing the citizens to accept them,[5] and punishing those who did not agree with these laws.[6]


It is no surprise, therefore, that by the end of his term, there was great disquiet in the land. In those days there was great tension between some of the African-Americans and the police forces. Some of the police were accused of injustice – but the courts were thought insufficient for justice – and soon the police, the enforcers of the law, were murdered in the very streets of the cities, in the light of day.


And so it happened, that this president, whom the people elected with great hopes, presided over a period of ever-increasing chaos. For myself, I am uncertain how to understand his actions. As this history shows, those violent times required stability and order, but his decisions only led to chaos and uncertainty. And while I have always tried to avoid telling stories of conspiracy, I cannot find any other explanation for this president’s actions, except that he seemed to be part of some great conspiracy which desired to recreate America in some unthinkable way.”

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