Fragmentation: The Goal of the DNC?

What is the DNC up to?

We used to be a united country. Patriotism united us, and nationalism fused us. The ideas of liberty, representative government, and a general belief in the unalienable rights of every citizen formed a glue strong enough for our country to stick together despite some different opinions.

Now, everywhere I look, there are more than differences. There are fragments – fragments that, like puzzle pieces from several different puzzles, can’t be forced together no matter how hard you try. Why is our country fragmenting? Could this be more than an accident? Could it be part of a purposeful plan?

Fragments and an Agenda

There is no doubt that socialism, and even communism, are now the guiding philosophies of the Democratic party. This doesn’t mean that every Democrat is red underneath, but most of the party leadership is. If you doubt this, just watch an informative, politically incorrect movie like Agenda.

I said earlier that differences have always existed between Americans, but these differences are turning into separate fragments that cannot unite with each other. Notice how the tension between each of these groups is uniting:

  • Liberals vs. Conservatives
  • Republicans vs. Democrats
  • ‘Racial’ Groups
  • Black Lives Matter vs. Police
  • Pro-Drug Legalization vs. Anti-Drug Legalization
  • ‘Pro-choice’ vs. Pro-life
  • Traditional morality vs. LGBTQ… (and as many other letters as you want to add)

A nation can hold diverse views and remain united. Switzerland is the primary example – a nation with different languages, different religions, and different cultures. Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe, a place famous for massive wars. Yet Switzerland remains united.

One of the differences between American and Switzerland is the philosophy of integration. America used to be a melting pot – a place where various cultures would join together, leaving their own unique contribution to American society. Switzerland still maintains that philosophy. America, however, has left the ‘melting pot’ philosophy in favor of multiculturalism – the idea that, like vegetables floating in a stew, new immigrants can always form their own communities, and never need to integrate into American society.

But America is not only divided, it is fragmenting. As I pointed out in a previous post, Obama used his power to highlight and further inflame racial tensions. The DNC’s support for radical leftists, the Black Lives Matter movement, and other radical movements has only inflamed our country. Combine these troubling developments with the DNC’s support of multiculturalism, and Hillary Clinton’s crooked ways, and a big question arises: What is the DNC up to?

A Possible Answer

I can’t make any claim to know the answer. What they are up to is beyond me. But I can leave you with one possibility. Alexis de Tocqueville pointed this out nearly two hundred years ago, and it stands as true today as ever.

“Despotism, by its very nature suspicious, sees the isolation of men as the best guarantee of its own permanence. So it usually does all it can to isolate them…A despot will lightly forgive his subjects for not loving him, provided they do not love one another.”