Milk and Meat

Milk and Meat

UPDATE: 1/8/18

For some time I’ve been working on an exciting writing project, and I can’t wait to share it with you. My first book, Milk and Meat: Studies in Hebrews to Feed God’s Flock is now completed. I’m currently working on getting it to the publisher.

Milk and Meat is unique because it works through the book of Hebrews in a rich, practical, and down-to-earth manner. It is written for everyone – church members, pastors, students, new believers, and anyone who wants a deeper grasp of God’s Word. Unlike some books, it doesn’t require a lot of familiarity with theology to make sense. At the same time, it delves into enough detail that even mature Christians can read it with benefit. It can be read by individuals, families, or small groups.

Ultimately, I’m excited about Milk and Meat, not because I wrote it, but because the book of Hebrews is so rich. Hebrews contains milk for new believers and meat for mature Christians. It helps us understand the Christian faith in a world of multiculturalism and religious pluralism. It provides richness, depth, and tone for our beliefs. It highlights the astonishing work of Jesus in the past, the present, and the future.

Excerpt: “The Word of God has something for every Christian, regardless of one’s level of maturity. To new believers, and even for old believers who struggle with their faith, it offers the nutritive milk of pure teaching. For the mature it holds out solid food, spiritual meat that promises growth. Milk and Meat: Studies in Hebrews to Feed God’s Flock aims to help Christians access this rich spiritual feast.”

Excerpt: “Yes, Hebrews is a glorious book. One man said, “The Epistle to the Hebrews, on which the reader is about to enter, is by far the most important and useful of all the apostolic writings.” Another man said, “I do not know where there is any New Testament book after John’s Gospel in which there is more deep and profound theology.” Hebrews is filled with deep, rich, and glorious truth. Those who study the book of Hebrews are beginning an exciting adventure!”


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